Legal services

Specialist lawyers in the Government sector and related technology and infrastructure industries.

Aldermane is trusted by our clients to advise on some of Australia’s most sensitive, complex and strategically important projects.

Our clients engage us because we provide pragmatic and commercially realistic legal advice that empowers them to make defensible and risk-informed decisions. Not only do we understand what they need, we understand why they need - informed by our deep understanding of their legislative, regulatory, and commercial environment.

Our core areas of expertise are:


Contract law and commercial arrangements

We have deep expertise in drafting, negotiating and administering innovative contract models to suit a range of commercial transactions, including strategic partnerships, alliance contracting, prime system integrator contracting, agile methodologies, performance-based contracting, and enterprise arrangements.  


Procurement and tendering

Our lawyers support our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of a procurement process – from development of the initial procurement strategy, drafting request documentation, industry engagement, conducting evaluations, negotiation, execution, and contract management. We understand the importance of a robust procurement process to ensure that public resources are used in an efficient, effective, economical and ethical manner, and to maximise value for money in project delivery.


Information and communication technology transactions

Technology continues to evolve rapidly, making it necessary for lawyers to keep pace with industry developments in order to provide advice on ICT transactions. Our people have extensive experience across a range of technology arrangements, including cloud-based and as-a-service solutions, data sharing and protection, ICT transformation, and outsourcing.


Intellectual property

The protection of IP is fundamental to a business’s competitive edge or the achievement of a capability outcome. We regularly advise clients on the identification, management, commercialisation, and licensing/transfer of critical IP rights under their IP arrangements.


Construction and infrastructure

Large-scale construction and infrastructure projects involve volumes of documents and complex party relationships. We cut through the noise to deliver comprehensive solutions to complex problems in simple terms. Our team are experienced in the public-private interface for construction and infrastructure projects in the energy, rail, mining, health, and defence sectors.


Probity and process advice

We assist our clients to proactively mitigate against the risk of probity issues and, if they arise throughout the relevant procurement process, to pragmatically manage probity issues without compromising the achievement of the Government's primary project, commercial, or security objectives.


Privacy, security and data protection

The protection of data and personal information is essential in building and maintaining the trust of your organisation. More importantly, strong privacy and data protections safeguard your stakeholders from harm. Our people can ensure that there are clear obligations on the collection, use, and disclosure of personal or privacy-related information, and that the procedures surrounding your data are consistent with Australia’s complex regulatory environment.

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Partner, Projects & Procurement
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Partner, Public Law & ICT
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